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The Gift of Life

The Gift of Life

and seven sacred pieces

The Cambridge Singers
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
John Rutter conductor


The Gift of Life, is a six-movement choral celebration of the living earth, of creation, and of life itself, offering a kaleidoscope of moods from contemplative and prayerful to majestic and inspirational.

Seven more recordings of recent sacred choral works complete the disc. 


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Listing Track   Composer   Length Listen
The Gift of Life
01. O all ye works of the Lord   John Rutter   05:02
02. The Tree of Life   John Rutter   03:38
03. Hymn to the Creator of Light   John Rutter   04:18
04. O Lord, how manifold are thy works   John Rutter   04:43
05. The gift of each day   John Rutter   01:54
06. Believe in life   John Rutter   03:25
07. Give the king thy judgements, O God   John Rutter   04:07
08. A flower remembered   John Rutter   02:05
09. The Quest   John Rutter   03:52
10. Psalm 150   John Rutter   03:15
11. Christ is the morning star   John Rutter   02:40
12. All bells in paradise   John Rutter   05:28
13. Rejoice and sing   John Rutter   02:18


Quantity: Buy $16.98