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Christmas Night

Christmas Night

Carols of the Nativity

The Cambridge Singers
City of London Sinfonia
John Rutter conductor


The theme of this album is the birth of Christ, reflected in the words and music of twenty-two carols spanning more than six centuries. It includes some of the best and most-loved Christmas choral pieces of all time, including Darke's In the bleak mid-winter, Howells' A spotless rose and Cornelius' The three kings. Among the many original works on the disc are Rutter's own There is a flower and Nativity Carol.

"In the field of Christmas CDs, Christmas Night shines brightest of all." Digital Audio

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Listing Track   Composer   Length Listen
01. In dulci jubilo   arr. R.L. Pearsall   03:16
02. Adam lay ybounden   Boris Ord   01:11
03. Christmas Night   arr. John Rutter   01:29
04. Once, as I remember   arr. Charles Wood   02:32
05. A Spotless Rose   Herbert Howells   02:48
06. In the bleak mid-winter   Harold Darke   04:38
07. There is a flower   John Rutter   04:08
08. The cherry tree carol   arr. David Willcocks   01:53
09. I wonder as I wander   arr. John Rutter   02:57
10. Candlelight carol   John Rutter   04:13
11. O Tannenbaum   arr. John Rutter   02:02
12. Tomorrow shall be my dancing day   arr. David Willcocks   02:00
13. A virgin most pure   arr. Charles Wood   02:42
14. I sing of a maiden   Patrick Hadley   02:58
15. Lute-book lullaby   arr. Geoffrey Shaw   02:09
16. The three Kings   Peter Cornelius   02:21
17. Myn lyking   R.R. Terry   02:40
18. O little one sweet   Samuel Scheidt   03:19
19. All my heart this night rejoices   J. G. Ebeling   02:16
20. I saw a maiden   Edgar Pettman   02:55
21. Away in a manger   arr. John Rutter   02:17
22. Nativity carol   John Rutter   04:29


Quantity: Buy $16.98