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Three Musical Fables

Three Musical Fables

The Cambridge Singers
The King's Singers
City of London Sinfonia
Richard Hickox conductor
John Rutter conductor

CSCD 513

A perfect Christmas present for music-loving children, this album brings together three musical fables written by John Rutter.

The Reluctant Dragon and The Wind in the Willows, both adapted by David Grant from Kenneth Grahame stories, were commissioned for Christmas concerts given by The King’s Singers. Written by Rutter himself, the story of Brother Heinrich’s Christmas is built around the legend that the carol In dulci jubilo was first sung by angels who miraculously appeared to the medieval monk Heinrich Suso one Christmas Eve.

With Richard Baker and Brian Kay (narrators).

"This is an enchanting recording." Church Music Quarterly

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Listing Track Title   Composer   Length Listen Buy Price
01. The Wind in the Willows: Introduction   John Rutter   03:05 1.60
02. The Wind in the Willows: Rat and Mole meet   John Rutter   02:46 1.60
03. The Wind in the Willows: Scene at Badger's house   John Rutter   04:04 1.60
04. The Wind in the Willows: Toad's car   John Rutter   01:54 1.60
05. The Wind in the Willows: Court scene   John Rutter   02:39 1.60
06. The Wind in the Willows: Toad in gaol   John Rutter   01:53 1.60
07. The Wind in the Willows: Toad's song   John Rutter   02:32 1.60
08. The Wind in the Willows: The recapture of Toad Hall   John Rutter   03:58 1.60
09. The Wind in the Willows: The banquet at Toad Hall   John Rutter   00:51 1.60
10. The Wind in the Willows: Finale   John Rutter   04:42 1.60
11. Brother Heinrich's Christmas: Introduction   John Rutter   03:12 1.60
12. Brother Heinrich's Christmas: Sigismund sings in the abbey choir   John Rutter   02:53 1.60
13. Brother Heinrich's Christmas: Sigismund is dismissed   John Rutter   01:03 1.60
14. Brother Heinrich's Christmas: Brother Heinrich and the new carol   John Rutter   02:59 1.60
15. Brother Heinrich's Christmas: The angels appear on Christmas Eve   John Rutter   02:40 1.60
16. Brother Heinrich's Christmas: Brother Heinrich writes down...   John Rutter   02:34 1.60
17. Brother Heinrich's Christmas: Christmas morning   John Rutter   00:49 1.60
18. Brother Heinrich's Christmas: The Angels' Carol and Christmas dinner   John Rutter   03:12 1.60
19. The Reluctant Dragon: Introduction   John Rutter   02:36 1.60
20. The Reluctant Dragon: The boy visists the dragon's cave   John Rutter   03:37 1.60
21. The Reluctant Dragon: The villagers and St George arrive   John Rutter   01:25 1.60
22. The Reluctant Dragon: Trio   John Rutter   02:41 1.60
23. The Reluctant Dragon: Planning the tournament   John Rutter   01:50 1.60
24. The Reluctant Dragon: The tournament   John Rutter   03:08 1.60
25. The Reluctant Dragon: Banquet fugue   John Rutter   01:03 1.60
26. The Reluctant Dragon: Finale   John Rutter   05:06 1.70
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