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John Rutter: A Song in Season

John Rutter: A Song in Season

The Cambridge Singers
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
John Rutter conductor


A collection of sacred choral music by John Rutter, featuring a
host of previously unrecorded works in glittering performances by the Cambridge Singers and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Conducted by the composer, the disc ranges across the church's year, incorporating music for Christmas, Epiphany, Pentecost, Easter and Harvest-time.

The first album of new anthems and canticles by Rutter since his landmark 2002 recording of the Mass of the Children, this beautifully-packaged release promises to delight both seasoned Rutter followers and new listeners. 

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Listing Track Title   Composer   Length Listen Buy Price
01. Wells Jubilate   John Rutter   04:38 1.60
02. Look to the day   John Rutter   04:07 1.60
03. To every thing there is a season   John Rutter   06:11 1.90
04. Carol of the Magi   John Rutter   05:02 1.60
05. O Lord, thou hast searched me out   John Rutter   07:22 2.10
06. Most glorious Lord of life   John Rutter   05:27 1.70
07. Look at the world   John Rutter   04:37 1.60
08. Veni Sancte Spiritus   John Rutter   07:11 2.10
09. Lord, thou hast been our refuge   John Rutter   11:02 2.80
10. I am with you always   John Rutter   07:23 2.10
11. The King of Blis   John Rutter   03:32 1.60
12. Winchester Te Deum   John Rutter   10:27 2.70
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