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The sacred music of John Rutter

The Cambridge Singers
Philip Jones Brass Ensemble
City of London Sinfonia
John Rutter conductor

CSCD 515

The classic John Rutter album released at mid-price with bonus tracks.

Alongside Gloria and several of Rutter's most popular shorter pieces (including For the Beauty of the Earth and All things Bright and Beautiful) are pieces especially recorded by the Cambridge Singers for this release – Cantate Domino, Arise, shine, Wedding Canticle and Hymn to the Creator of Light.

"This is a jewel of a record." Gramophone

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Listing Track Title   Composer   Length Listen Buy Price
01. Gloria: Allegro vivace   John Rutter   04:50 1.60
02. Gloria: Andante   John Rutter   06:58 2.00
03. Gloria: Vivace e ritmico   John Rutter   05:34 1.80
04. All things bright and beautiful   John Rutter   02:48 1.60
05. Cantate Domino   John Rutter   05:17 1.70
06. O clap your hands   John Rutter   03:14 1.60
07. Wedding Canticle   John Rutter   05:29 1.70
08. The Lord is my Shepherd   John Rutter   05:17 1.70
09. A Gaelic Blessing   John Rutter   01:54 1.60
10. Hymn to the Creator of Light   John Rutter   07:17 2.10
11. Arise, shine   John Rutter   04:35 1.60
12. Praise ye the Lord   John Rutter   01:49 1.60
13. For the beauty of the earth   John Rutter   03:44 1.60
14. God be in my head   John Rutter   01:34 1.60
15. Open thou mine eyes   John Rutter   02:41 1.60
16. A prayer of Saint Patrick   John Rutter   01:35 1.60
17. The Lord bless you and keep you   John Rutter   02:40 1.60
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