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There is sweet music

There is sweet music

The Cambridge Singers
John Rutter conductor

CSCD 505

English Choral songs 1890-1950

Featuring masterpieces by Benjamin Britten (Five Flower Songs), Vaughan Williams (Three Shakespeare Songs), Stanford, Delius and Elgar alongside folk-song arrangements by Bairstow, Chapman, Grainger, Holst, Moeran and Stanford, this collection highlights a golden age of the English part-song, now somewhat neglected but nonetheless offering many gem-like compositions worthy of re-investigation.

"These performers hold you entranced." Digital Audio

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Listing Track Title   Composer   Length Listen Buy Price
01. The blue bird   C.V. Stanford   04:01 1.60
02. To be sung of a summer night on the water 1   F. Delius   02:19 1.60
03. To be sung of a summer night on the water 2   F. Delius   02:19 1.60
04. There is sweet music   E. Elgar   05:30 1.70
05. My love dwelt in a Northern land   E. Elgar   04:24 1.60
06. Three Shakespeare Songs: Full fathom five   R. Vaughan Williams   03:17 1.60
07. Three Shakespeare Songs: The cloud-capp'd towers   R. Vaughan Williams   02:20 1.60
08. Three Shakespeare Songs: Over hill, over dale   R. Vaughan Williams   01:06 1.60
09. The sailor and young Nancy   E.J. Moeran   03:03 1.60
10. Brigg Fair   arr. P. Grainger   02:57 1.60
11. Londonderry air   arr. P. Grainger   03:27 1.60
12. The three ravens   E. Chapman   04:52 1.60
13. My sweetheart's like Venus   arr. G. Holst   01:55 1.60
14. The oak and the ash   Edward Bairstow   03:02 1.60
15. Quick! We have but a second   C.V. Stanford   00:47 1.60
16. Five Flower Songs: To daffodils   Benjamin Britten   01:38 1.60
17. Five Flower Songs: The succession of the four sweet months   Benjamin Britten   02:04 1.60
18. Five Flower Songs: Marsh flowers   Benjamin Britten   02:30 1.60
19. Five Flower Songs: The evening primrose   Benjamin Britten   02:35 1.60
20. Five Flower Songs: Ballad of green broom   Benjamin Britten   02:19 1.60
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