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O Praise the Lord of Heaven

O Praise the Lord of Heaven

Music of rejoicing & reflection by John Rutter

The Cambridge Singers
John Rutter conductor



The music on this album, was written by John Rutter for a variety of choirs and occasions, over a period of many years.

From ceremonial and uplifting, to quiet and reflective, this album features 14 classic tracks from Collegium recordings, plus two previously unreleased tracks.



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Listing Track Title   Composer   Length Listen Buy Price
01. O Praise the Lord of Heaven   John Rutter   06:01 1.60
02. The Peace of God   John Rutter   03:09 1.60
03. A Choral Fanfare   John Rutter   02:03 1.60
04. Christ the Lord is risen again   John Rutter   02:51 1.60
05. I will lift up mine eyes   John Rutter   07:14 1.60
06. All creatures of our God and King   John Rutter   04:48 1.60
07. The King of Love my Shepherd is   John Rutter   04:12 1.60
08. Te Deum   John Rutter   07:21 1.60
09. Behold, the tabernacle of God   John Rutter   04:16 1.60
10. Go forth into the world in peace   John Rutter   02:34 1.60
11. Amazing grace   John Rutter   04:21 1.60
12. A Choral Amen   John Rutter   01:13 1.60
The Falcon
13. First movement: Vivace e ritmico   John Rutter   05:14 1.60
14. Second movement: Lento   John Rutter   10:04 1.60
15. Third movement: Passacaglia   John Rutter   06:18 1.60
16. Now thank we all our God   John Rutter   03:38 1.60
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