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Flora gave me fairest flowers

Flora gave me fairest flowers

The Cambridge Singers
John Rutter conductor

CSCD 511

John Rutter directs members of the Cambridge Singers in a programme of English Madrigals.

"An absolute joy." Music and Musicians

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Listing Track   Composer   Length Listen
01. Hark, all ye lovely saints above   Thomas Weelkes   03:22
02. Though Amaryllis dance in green   William Byrd   02:15
03. Round about in a fair ring   John Bennet   01:00
04. Adieu, ye city-prisoning towers   Thomas Tomkins   02:17
05. Flora gave me fairest flowers   John Wilbye   01:36
06. Sweet Suffolk Owl   Thomas Vautor   02:26
07. As Vesta was from Latmos hill descending   Thomas Weelkes   03:26
08. Lullaby   William Byrd   02:11
09. This sweet and merry month of May   William Byrd   02:34
10. Now is the month of maying   Thomas Morley   02:03
11. A little pretty bonny lass   John Farmer   01:58
12. Fyer, fyer!   Thomas Morley   02:21
13. Too much I once lamented   Thomas Tomkins   06:26
14. My bonny lass she smileth   Thomas Morley   02:11
15. Ha ha! This world doth pass   Thomas Weelkes   01:53
16. Quick, quick, away, dispatch!   Michael East   03:13
17. Dainty fine bird   Orlando Gibbons   02:05
18. Come again! Sweet love doth now invite   John Dowland   02:40
19. Mother, I will have a husband   Thomas Vautor   01:41
20. Draw on, sweet night   John Wilbye   05:01
21. Sleep, fleshly birth   Robert Ramsey   06:13
22. Weep, weep, mine eyes   John Wilbye   04:35
23. Death hath deprived me   Thomas Weelkes   03:01
24. The silver swan   Orlando Gibbons   01:51
25. Adieu, sweet Amaryllis   John Wilbye   03:15


Quantity: Buy $11.98