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The Sprig of Thyme

The Sprig of Thyme

The Cambridge Singers
City of London Sinfonia
John Rutter conductor

CSCD 517

Traditional Songs

The Sprig of Thyme offers a selection of traditional songs of the British Isles, drawing together long-standing favourites as the Willow song and The Miller of Dee with lesser known gems as O can ye sew cushions and The Sprig of Thyme. Many new settings for choir and small instrumental group have been created by John Rutter especially for this album. Rutter’s suite of eleven traditional songs, The Sprig of Thyme (all of which can be heard on this album) is published by Oxford University Press.

"This is a lovely disc, one to head my list of Christmas presents for musical friends." Gramophone

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Listing Track   Composer   Length Listen
01. The Sprig of Thyme: The bold grenadier   arr. John Rutter   03:02
02. The Sprig of Thyme: The keel row   arr. John Rutter   02:11
03. The Sprig of Thyme: The willow tree   arr. John Rutter   03:02
04. The Sprig of Thyme: The Sprig of Thyme   arr. John Rutter   02:51
05. The Sprig of Thyme: Down by the sally gardens   arr. John Rutter   02:49
06. The Sprig of Thyme: The cuckoo   arr. John Rutter   02:32
07. The Sprig of Thyme: I know where I'm going   arr. John Rutter   03:04
08. The Sprig of Thyme: Willow song   arr. John Rutter   02:02
09. The Sprig of Thyme: O can ye sew cushions   arr. John Rutter   02:49
10. The Sprig of Thyme: The miller of Dee   arr. John Rutter   01:57
11. The Sprig of Thyme: Afton water   arr. John Rutter   03:34
12. 5 Traditional Songs: The girl I left behind me   arr. John Rutter   01:54
13. 5 Traditional Songs: O waly, waly   arr. John Rutter   02:51
14. 5 Traditional Songs: The British Grenadiers   arr. John Rutter   01:53
15. 5 Traditional Songs: Golden Slumbers   arr. John Rutter   02:20
16. 5 Traditional Songs: Dashing away with the smoothing iron   arr. John Rutter   02:29
17. The Lark in the Clear Air   arr. Andrew Carter   03:53
18. She's like the swallow   arr. Edward Chapman   03:18
19. Searching for lambs   arr. John Rutter   02:18
20. 5 English folk songs: The dark eyed sailor   arr. R. Vaughan Williams   02:25
21. 5 English folk songs: The spring time of the year   arr. R. Vaughan Williams   02:48
22. 5 English folk songs: Just as the tide was flowing   arr. R. Vaughan Williams   02:25
23. 5 English folk songs: The lover's ghost   arr. R. Vaughan Williams   03:43
24. 5 English folk songs: Wassail song   arr. R. Vaughan Williams   02:44
25. She moved through the fair   arr. Daryl Runswick   03:25


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